What is a LifeString?

Work of art to Cherish for a Lifetime

LifeString is a strand of 100 unique handcrafted beads, each representing the past and potential years in one’s lifetime.

A fanciful fusion of glass, metal and whimsy, LifeString consists of ten colorful decades that can be worn individually as a charm-sprinkled bracelet, combined as a necklace or simply used to adorn a tabletop preserving a lifetime of memories and traditions.

Remember, it’s not the years in your life that count, but the life in your years.

A Beautiful and Healing Treasure

For centuries, people have relied on beads for hope and healing. They are powerful tools for reflection that provide perspective on life’s trials, tribulations and possibilities.

LifeString was designed as a way to reflect on life’s milestones.

LifeString is a visual and tactile timeline that chronicles life’s ups and downs, while helping one embrace the good with the bad, and encourage a positive approach to the changes and challenges life throws our way.