Creating Your LifeString

Celebrate Your Life Through LifeString

Life is a series of happenings that make us who we are.

LifeString is a beautiful and therapeutic memento that one can attach charms to chronicling the events and people that shape us, break us down, build us up, make us laugh and cry, reflect, be grateful. . . and just smile.

After all, our own unique “life, people, things and stuff” are what memories are made of. Add charms to your LifeString to symbolize the milestones and significant relationships in your life.

A Symbol of Joy and Hope

LifeString offers a constant reminder to cherish what we have, where we have been and to look forward to the future.

Designed to inspire and uplift, the LifeString includes a heart for love, a leaf for happiness, a butterfly signifying change, a fleur-de-lis embodying purity and light, and the tree of life reminding us that all life on earth is connected, and that its future is in our hands.

Celebrate your happenings with Lifestring!